About US

The disappointment of the low quality remains long after the pleasure of the low price

Our team of devoted professionals is led by Nikolay Stoev, a.k.a. Koko the Nomad. Nikolay has studied ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) and Automotive Engineering and Design…among other things. Except for being a pro in his field, he is one of those dreamers who left his comfort zone and his well-paid job to follow his calling and build motorcycles…because passion never resides in comfort zones.

Others soon followed and here we are today.


Every customer is special to us and we listen very carefully to what his vision of his dream bike is. How he sees it. How he feels it. We offer our opinion and our advice. We synchronize his idea with our expertise. We see the project through the eyes of aesthetes, of designers and of engineers at the same time. What we have at the end is the perfect synch of the Man and his motorcycle Avatar.


And, to complete our short introduction, we do not only customize motorcycles for our esteemed customers. We make our own builds where the signature is 100% Nomad. Our vision, our concept, our engineering. The children of our hearts.


To say that our workshop is our home, would be a dull cliché of course. Yet it is true, cliché or not- we spend more time here than home with our families. It is the place where we meet our clients, we discuss ideas, we measure, we draw, we design, we build and create our mechanical pieces of art.


Long story short, this is what you need to know if you want us to „touch“ your bike:

  1. Be ready to part with some …..Euros
  2. Be patient. Patience is a great virtue, especially when you get a Nomad Custom Motorcycle project at the end.  Give us about …months to build your dream bike.
  3. Trust us. We trust your enthusiasm and your desire to own the best bike. Now in turn you trust us and give us free hand in building.

Generally, these are the steps we follow: 

  • Meeting the client
  • Measuring and Technical Check of the Stock Bike.

We get acquainted with the stock bike, we discuss the ergonomic and aesthetic changes desired by our customer, we prepare the project files, we measure, calculate, and decide on the overall concept.

  • Drafts and Design

We draw the detailed concept shaped around the needs of the customer as well as our own ideas. We approve the final design.

  • We provide the customer with a final detailed offer.
  • Building the Dream Bike

Please be ready to give us …. months to do our job. Perfection takes time, patience and devotion, you know.

  • Testing

Here comes the moment of truth – how the new machine behaves on the road. We test it for potential problems or shortcomings – when there are none, we give technical approval of the bike.

  • …and here comes the Artist

We don’t just paint the new build. We paint a piece of Art.